Cable TV Streaming Providers

Cable TV Streaming Providers

The colossus of cable television, Comcast, has entered into the aggressive battle of multiple services that offer Americans the opportunity to break with their cable company and opt for a multitude of channels and programming by hand their connection to Internet. The options are multiple and with prices ranging from 6 to 70 dollars, not including the connection to the network. See our article on online video streaming services.

Packages of different channels
Comcast has just released Stream, a service that for $ 15 per month will offer a multitude of channels, including HBO (Game of Thrones, Girls, True Detective). Your subscription equals the cost of HBO Now, the HBO straming service, so it’s worth it. However, their access is limited only to those using a connection to the Comcast network.

Sony offers PlayStation Vue, which costs between $ 50 and $ 70 a month. The service offers 85 channels, with the possibility of digitally recording programming and watching regional sports. Of course, it is necessary to have a PlayStation and its programming does not include ABC or ESPN, owned by Disney.

Apple prepares a television streaming service, which according to the Wall Street Journal will cost between $ 25 and $ 35 per month and will include channels like ABC, CBS and Fox, as well as on-demand content. That said will not include NBC programming owned by Comcast, nor channels associated with Bravo.

Sling TV offers today for $ 20 per month access to 20 cable channels. It offers options to include certain programming, especially sports, at a higher price. Can not record schedule.

On Demand

Netflix, whose actions have returned to touch maximums, continues being the king of the video streaming thanks to its series like House of Cards or Orange is the New Black. With a wide range of films and series, the big problem is that it does not usually offer updated seasons with its broadcasting time on television. The subscription cost is $ 9 per month.

Hulu Plus, the platform formed years ago by several television companies, such as Disney ABC, NBC and Fox, offers up-to-date programming of almost all channels and the series usually hang their episodes the day after the broadcast. That yes, it includes publicity, and the option of films and previous seasons of the series is limited. It costs $ 8 a month and rises to $ 15 if you want to include Showtime programming (Shamelss, Nurse Jackie, Masters of Sex)

Amazon Prime is Amazon’s streaming service, which costs $ 99 per year but also includes order delivery services to the company. Its programming includes PBS or delayed seasons of HBO series. Amazon has developed its own series such as Transparent or Mozart in the Jungle.

Single Channels

HBO Now was born last April and allows you to watch all channel programming on demand for $ 15 a month. At the moment it can only be accessed through Comcast or Apple.

Showtime has just launched its live streaming service and video on demand option without connecting to cable television in exchange for $ 11 a month for Apple devices or through the Hulu Plus service.

CBS has CBS All Access that allows you to watch live streaming and access to on-demand programming of all your shows and shows but not including NFL games. It costs $ 6 a month.

Noggin is a streaming video service oriented to children (preschool). It costs $ 6 and broadcasts Nickelodeon or Nick Jr. programming.

NBC prepares its own video streaming service, similar to CBS, in exchange for $ 3 a month, where it could include programming from various NBCUniversal channels such as CNBC, MSNBC or Bravo.

WWE Network offers on-demand and live content of their wrestling events. Its cost is 10 dollars a month.